This blog is my personal resource page. It will serve as a personal record for my academic dealings with the subject of magic, first draft translations of magical texts, projects and articles.

About me:

My name is Mihai Vârtejaru. I was born in 1985 in Bucharest, Romania, where I still reside. I attended the National University of Fine Arts, majoring in Art Pedagogy (Teaching). I left a master's in painting in order to work as a high-school teacher in my former high-school, The ”I.N.Socolescu” College of Architecture  and my formal academic career has been on hold ever since.

I teach art and architecture related subjects, such as Art Education, Study of Form and Volume, Study of Form and Color,  History of Art and Architecture, Projective Design, et alia.

I am currently not enrolled in any formal academic study, but I do continue my private studies. I might be called an independent scholar in the field of magic.

I specialize in magical diagrams and siglae, compared angelology and demonology, paleography and codicology.

Update: I no longer teach, but am immersed in my own bookbidery. started as a personal joy, the study and care for books lead me to a new path. I am not a full time traditional binder and own my own business ans workshop, continually exteding it and refining my craft. 

I can be reached at mihai.vartejaru@gmail or on Facebook.