Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Characters of the Zodiac of Albertus Magnus

The second chapter in Pseudo-Albertus Magnus features the 12 characters of the signs of the zodiac. 

Most follow the same construct: within a rectangular shape we find a central complex seal (often with circle ends), a superior section with corrupted Hebrew letters and star configurations. Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces feature the regular symbols of the signs. 

The attributions vary on the three pages that are occupied by the seals: on f.8v, the first four signs are indicated by astrological glyphs, on fol.9r, the middle four signs are indicated by labels in italic Latin and on fol.9v, the last four  use cursive German.


1. Aries                                                 2.Taurus

  3. Gemini                                                 4.Cancer

5. Leo                                                 6.Virgo

7. Libra                                                 8.Scorpio

9. Sagittarius                                                10.Capricorn

11. Aquarius                                                12.Pisces

Monday, 19 February 2018

Planetary Characters of Albertus Magnus

Leipzig University Library Manuscript Cod.Mag.72 is another treasure for the astral magic researcher, with abundant examples of seals, diagrams and characters, which will be reproduced here in a few articles. 

Alberti Magni Tractatus von den 12 himmlischen Zeichen und ihren Sigillis, von den 12 himmlischen Zeichen und ihren Characteribus und denn von den 7 Planeten ihren magischen Ringen, samt ihren großen Heimlichkeiten, Kräften und Nutzen, letzlich von denen speculis magicis mit zugehörigen Instrumenten und Sigillen nebst dessen hohen Gebrauch, omnia ad laudem Dei. 

Or: Albert the Great`s Treatise of the 12 heavenly signs and their seals, of the 12 heavenly signs and their characters and of the seven planets and their magical rings together with their secrets, virtues and uses and lastly of the Speculis Magicis (Magical Mirror) and its  associated instruments and seals most high use, all to the glory of God. 

The Third Chapter (fols.10r-16r) is concerned with the seven planetary rings. 

Unfortunately I have no skill in transcribing or translating the cursive 18th century German, but let`s hope that someone will shed some light on the text in the hopefully-not-so-distant future.  

Ring of Saturn

Character of Saturn

Characters Saturn

Spirit of Saturn

Ring of Jupiter

Character of Jupiter

Characters Jupiter

Spirit of Jupiter

Ring of Mars

Character of Mars

Characters  Mars

Spirit of Mars

Ring of the Sun

Character of the Sun

Characters of the Sun

Spirit of the Sun

Ring of Venus

Character of Venus

Characters Venus

Spirit of  Venus

Ring of Mercury

Character of  Mercury

Characters Mercury missing. 

Spirit of  Mercury

Ring of the Moon

Character of the Moon

Characters the Moon

Spirit of  the Moon

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Suggested Reading List: Guidelines

So  I`ve compiled a list of books, with links where to buy them from. It`s on the top menu. 

Because people kept asking me to recommend them books. 

  These books are not by modern or contemporary practitioners of magic, they are not about ”Ye Olde Crafte” nor are they about modern interpretations of old material, poems, cult literature or any other genre of the sort. This is not a list of practical books, at it will not be expected to be. 

Modern authors on practicing magic are not part of the list, and I would like them not to insist on the matter. The list is not sorted by importance (which can be subjective) or by field (which oftentimes overlap, in one single volume) but alphabetically. 

This reading list is practical only in the sense that it recommends commercially available books, not just out-of-print elusive rare editions. 

Wherever available, I have linked to the Book Depository website, where I have an affiliate program. Any profits made from these referrals will go strictly into buying of more books, which will help me put up the free material you love so much.  Thank you. 

How NOT to use the list:

1. Don`t ask me why your favourite witch book is not there.

2. Don`t ask me how the spells are performed. I`ll block you with the Block Idiots on Facebook Spell.

3. You`re more than welcome to recommend volumes for this list, if they meet a minimum of academic criteria.  Please avoid starting your suggestion with ”Why isn`t MY BOOK there???”

How TO USE the list:

1. Print it out or save it.

2. Delete or cross out everything too ”boring” for you or not within your interests.

3. Delete or cross out anything you have already.

4. Sacrifice a chicken to me   Check the prices and see if they are within your budget.

5. Re-arrange them according to importance to you.

6. Buy it

7. Read it. 

8.Forget you ever read it and ask me stuff. 

Good Luck!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Planetary and Astral Characters in Wellcome 110

Wellcome Library Manuscript 110 is a late 16th century manuscript with a lot of content to offer.

Wellcome Ms.110, fol 63v.

1. [Pseudo-SOLOMON]. Ars notoria. Incomplete at beginning and end. (ll. 1-35). 
2. [Pseudo-SOLOMON.] Vincula. (ll. 36-38.). 
3. Pseudo-BACON (R.). Thesaurus spirituum. (ll. 39v-98.) The beginning is wanting: the colophon on 1.98 reads: 'Explicit theasurus spirituum utilis et fidelssime editus per magistrum Bakon et quendam Turcum eius socium predilectum'. 
4. Miscellaneous conjurations, etc.: in Latin. (ll. 98v-101v.). 
5. Flores extracti de libello qui nuncupatur 'Offitium spirituum', with other conjurations, etc.: mainly in Latin, a few in English. (ll. 101v-111).

Sadly, the secretary hand employed is rather hard for me to read and I cannot vouch for the correctness of the angel names transcribed and the quality of the pentacles and diagrams is the worst I have ever seen in any manuscript, something that can lead us to think the characters themselves might contain errors. 

Nevertheless they are very interesting and worth the trouble of extracting. 

This article does not treat the figures of the manuscript exhaustively. I have not extracted the diagrams and circles, the various seals of the experiments nor the planetary characters that appear dispersed throughout. 

1. Characters of planetary ”Angels”


Storax Angelus Solis  cuius caracterus (est)
Storax, the angel of the Sun, whose character is

Abametra Angelus Veneris cuius caracterus (est)
Abametra, the angel of Venus, whose character is

Paymon angelus Mercurij cuius caracter
Paymonthe angel of Mercury, whose character is

Carmelyon angelus Lunae cuius caracter
Carmelyon, the angel of the Moon, whose character is

Orcorion angelus capitis draconis cuius caracter
Orcorion, the angel of the Head of the Dragon, whose character is

Glozilus (?)angelus Saturni cuius caracter
Glozilus, the angel of  Saturn, whose character is

Phinemon (?) angelus Jovis cuius caracter
 Phinemon, the angel of  Jupiter, whose character is

Carnifex angelus Martis cuius caracter
Carnifex, the angel of  Mars, whose character is

These angels are most likely demons and are cited in some astral magic treatises regarding the use of rings and sacrifices.  In Conjuring Spirits, Juris Lidaka gives us a transcript and translation of  Bokenham`s Book of Angels, Rings, Characters and Images of the Planets, where he cites a work of the sage Messayaac, on pages 47-49: The Experimentum of Master Messayaac of the Secrets of the Planetary Spirits. After a detailed descriptions of the sacrifices and rites to make the rings, (the seven planets plus the Head of the Dragon), he says he deliberately left out the names and the characters, but they begin with Storax, Abamecta, Paymon and others. So this is quite obviously the same work. 

I`m greatly indebted to Goritsa Svortsan, whom I must thank,  for lending me her copy, as mine was unappropriated by a forgetful friend. 

According to the Book Of Oberon (Harms/Clark/Peterson), Storax, the angel of the Sun and Carmelion, the Angel of the Moon, rule over the spirit Oberion. Storax appears with 6 variations of his seal, many resembling the present, and Carmelion with 8 variations. 
2. Planetary Signs








Fol.30r: hec sunt signa planetarum: these are the signs of the planets

These are isolated symbols that bare close resemblance to the images of the planets shown in the Magical Calendar in in Ms. Harley 3420

The following three suits of planetary characters and seals and their dependence upon other texts, both published and in manuscript, will be studied in a future article. Superficial resemblances and insufficient data in this field often leads to incorrect attributions and I would like to steer off from that particular direction. 

3. Planetary Characters (Caracteres): Fol.63v








4. Planetary Characters (Caracteres): Fol.110r








5.Planetary Seals (Sigillis): Fol.111r








6. Zodiacal Characters

1.Aries                     2.Taurus (Sic)

3.Gemini                      4.Cancer 

5.Leo                      6.Virgo

7.Libra                      8.Scorpio

9.Sagittarius                     10.Capricorn 

11.Aquarius                      12.Pisces