Sunday, 23 June 2013

Clavicula Salomonis de Secretis - a Polish treasure

Thanks to professor Rafal Prinke I have been directed to one online manuscript housed by the Polish National Library, called Clavicula Salomonis de Secretis. The manuscript s shelfmark is  RPS 3352 II and we know little of it except that it has been dated to 1600-1700. The contents are amazing:

We have a treatise of Pseudo-Solomon dealing with the infernal spirits, French variants of which have bee published by Skinner and Peterson separately, 

a section of pentacles and talismans with their uses, also published along the Veritable Clavicle by Skinner

and a load of other goodies, of which I can only mention a section of seals and characters loosely based on the Heptameron. 

Not only does it list a series of angelic seals of the Seven Archangels that is based upon the Heptameron with great and significant variations (a series I shall dwell upon in my next post), but also presents new and never before seen seals of the angels and princes of the air associated with the seven spheres.  In all likehood, this manuscript is either a firt-hand account of a practicioner that obtained these seals by experimentation with the system described, or a close copy of one. THe morphology of the seals is highly heterogenous and quite unlike previous examples of series of seals ( by comparison with the Lemegeton, the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses or Viginaire s angelic seals, for instance, which do share a similar look throughout ).

I promise a study of the seven seals as usual and perhaps, if time permits me, a list of contents.

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