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The Polish Clavicula Salomonis

After trying to help out with the Polish magic scroll I posted about last, I ve had the good fortune to befriend a man that had some unique insights and an unique manuscript. 

Paweł Lidke-Krawczyk brought to my attention the existance of many more Polish magical manuscripts, among which one I have never seen before, despite the common title of Clavicula Salomonis. 

Its currently in National Library of Poland in Warsaw, shelfmark Rps 6698 II, dated to the first half of the 18th century. The good news is that my friend Pawel is halfway through it s translation and will probably be done within a year. 

He kindly sent me the whole thing, and agreed for me to blogg about it and his envolvement in its translation. 
This manuscript is staggering in more ways than one. 
It contains a handwritten version of one of the parts of the Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis with the seals of several spirits ( Aares, Nestorat, Laanab, Paimas, Bihemann, Pelus, etc), the seals of the four Emperors and the Clavicula Salomonis de Secretis, a precursor the the Grimoirum Verum. 

These are the seals of the Four Emperors, the only version I have ever seen that has them, besides the Clavis Inferni of Cyprian:



Pawel was kind enough to provide a small portion of the text and translation, along with his translation notes from Grimoirum Verum. Page 128.

Ten Charakter , ieżeliś mężczyzna w Torbie na Prawey stronie noś, z sobą na Pargaminie Krwią twoią, albo Zułwia Samca napisany, w Puł Cyrkule_AB. Twoie Imię i nazwisko. Pierwsze litery po Imieniu w Puł Cyrkule od mieysca głoski B. ieżeli zechcesz, lepiey tenze Charakter na Jaspisie zielonym, albo na słoneczniku wykuć kazesz, oboie albowiem wielką maią z Duchami sympatyą, osobliwie słonecznemi, którzy nad inszych są mędrszemi i lepszemi, ieśli iesteś Kobietą, w lewey Kieszeni noś, albo między Piersiami zawieś. Resztę przepisu zachoway, tak iak męszczyzna skoro Imię Krwią twoią napiszesz w dniu .[1]

O Duchach
Duchy są pewne tajemne Potęgi, które tylko w przymierzonym, i mocną z sobą połączonym za poszrednie’twem pewnego Charakteru z Zygambacha, albo  iego Sekretarza Rabii Madar, wolą służą opisanego.
Tenzaś Charakter nie innego nie iest, iak znamię aby przyiacioł od nieprzyiacioł rozeznać można, tak zas ma bydz. dla obydwóch, aby się tylko pewnym znakiem, rozpoznawać i rozróżniać mogli, a żeby na wezwanie Przyiacioł sami im.

This character, if you are male, keep it in your right pocket, written in your own blood on a virgin parchment, or that of a sea turtle blood. In semicircle AB put your name and surname. First letters after you name in a semicircle starting from B letter. If you want, better to engrave this character on green jasper or on goldstone because both of these gems has great connections with the spirits, especially solar ones (spirits of the Sun) who are the wisest and better than the others. If you are female keep it in your left pocket on the chest. Rest of instructions like for a male, to write the said name (characters?) in the day of Mars.

About Spirits
The Spirits are the secret powers, who only with allied and strongly connected (man/women?) via character given from Zygambach or his secretary Rabii Madar, who agree (the spirits) to serve.
This character is the sign used by to distinguish friend from enemy. There have to be as said - for both to recognize each other using concrete sign and to arrive on a call of ally.

[1] Compare with text from Grimorium Verum „You must engrave this present character reversed in this manner, so that the impression may be made at the specified time.  See and act, believe me, everything is of consequence; nothing must be forgotten. You must carry the said characters on you. If you are male, in your right pocket, written in your own blood, or that of a sea turtle. At the two semi-circles you must put the first letter of your name and surname. Alternatively, if you wish, you can engrave these characters onto an emerald or ruby, since each of these stones are of great sympathy to the spirits, particularly with the solar ones who are the wisest, and through the familiars who are also better than the others. If you are female, carry them on the left side, within your bosom, like a reliquary, and always observing, just as the other sex, to write or have engraved the said characters in the day and hour of Mars. Be obedient to the spirits, that they will be obedient to you” 

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