Friday, 26 January 2018

Seals of the Four Emperors in Wellcome 4666

After my last article on the seals in BUD.256, Andy Foster brought to my attention a similar magicle circle to the complex figure found in the Latin manuscript.

Wellcome Manuscript 4666, fol. 55 is, in my oppinion, based on BUD 256 or an older but similar manuscript.

The seals of the four emperors seem to be closer to the ones on page 121. Also, not only the usual Oriens is missing, but the older Armodiel is turned into Asmodiel, a clear conflation of the two names Armodiel and Asmoday. 

Seal of Asmodiel

Seal of Amoymon

Seal of Paymon

The manuscript suffered damage in this region, but it is quite easu to guess the left and right symbols of the seal by comparison with the Latin manuscript version of Paymon on page 121.

Seal of Egin

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