Monday, 5 February 2018

Planetary Characters (Liber Razielis Angeli)

One manuscript in the Leipzig collection is of special interest to me, namely Cod.Mag.40 or to name it by its full title  Liber Razielis Angeli Adamo poenitenti post lapsum a deo missus, per quem possit intelligere, scire et cognoscere omnia mirabilia, quae facta sunt et fuerunt, et sunt facienda, it. omnes potestates, quae sunt in coelis et terris, aquis, abyssis, it. coelos eorumque angelos, ministros et virtutes etc. 
So... Liber Razielis Angeli, for friends. One variant of this work has already been published by Stephen Skinner and edited by Don Karr (here), and there is one free available version edited by Joseph Peterson on his website. 

In this very interesting Latin version, Chaper X (Fols.56v-57r) is titled De characteribus planetarum eorumque Spiriuum Nominibus, (Of the Characters of the Planets and their Spirits) and gives eight series of characters of the planetary spirits. The interesting thing is that these characters are give as characters of both good and bad spirits of the planets, except for the Moon, which lists two separate sets according to the two categories. Once I get through the text at least one I ll edit in the names of these spirits as well. 

Characters of Saturn

Characters of Jupiter

Characters of Mars

Characters of Sol

Characters of Venus

Characters of Mercury

Characters of Luna (Good)

Characters of Luna (Evil)

Note: the last character of the third row of Mars is partially absconded by the fold of the page, but we could guess it would be an x symbol. 

Please do not repost my work or use it commercially. If you do, the bad spirits of the Moon sphere will come and to icky things to you while you sleep.True story. Thank you.

Oh yeah, and if you comment that they look like Chinese or Egyptian writing, I m gonna smack you. 

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