Saturday, 17 February 2018

Suggested Reading List: Guidelines

So  I`ve compiled a list of books, with links where to buy them from. It`s on the top menu. 

Because people kept asking me to recommend them books. 

  These books are not by modern or contemporary practitioners of magic, they are not about ”Ye Olde Crafte” nor are they about modern interpretations of old material, poems, cult literature or any other genre of the sort. This is not a list of practical books, at it will not be expected to be. 

Modern authors on practicing magic are not part of the list, and I would like them not to insist on the matter. The list is not sorted by importance (which can be subjective) or by field (which oftentimes overlap, in one single volume) but alphabetically. 

This reading list is practical only in the sense that it recommends commercially available books, not just out-of-print elusive rare editions. 

Wherever available, I have linked to the Book Depository website, where I have an affiliate program. Any profits made from these referrals will go strictly into buying of more books, which will help me put up the free material you love so much.  Thank you. 

How NOT to use the list:

1. Don`t ask me why your favourite witch book is not there.

2. Don`t ask me how the spells are performed. I`ll block you with the Block Idiots on Facebook Spell.

3. You`re more than welcome to recommend volumes for this list, if they meet a minimum of academic criteria.  Please avoid starting your suggestion with ”Why isn`t MY BOOK there???”

How TO USE the list:

1. Print it out or save it.

2. Delete or cross out everything too ”boring” for you or not within your interests.

3. Delete or cross out anything you have already.

4. Sacrifice a chicken to me   Check the prices and see if they are within your budget.

5. Re-arrange them according to importance to you.

6. Buy it

7. Read it. 

8.Forget you ever read it and ask me stuff. 

Good Luck!

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