I have the some incredible people to thank for supporting my work. The honorific patrons are the ones that sent me books or in other ways allowed me access to privileged information such as manuscripts scanned at their own cost.   The rest of the patrons are people who have donated via Patreon. 

I thank them all and appreciate everyone's efforts to make this page larger and larger!

Honorific Patrons: 

Joseph H. Peterson
Stephen Skinner
Jérémie Segouin
Frank Klaassen. 
Russ Clayton
Daniel Clark
QiRui Huo
Eamonn Loughran
Humberto Maggi
Georg Dehn
Jacob Swart
Michael Checcetelli
James Banner 
Sam Block
Dan Schneider
Sam Block

Patreon Patrons: 

Nethop Avis
Julio Cesar Ody
Alexander Cummins
Oana Bărăităruș
M. Allcock
Belle Wood
Anneliese Anthoinette
Serghei Sorin 

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