Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Rabbi Yosef Cohen Ms.5


This is part of manuscript 5 Rabbi Cohen has sent me.

 [Text] A invocation for pain of the hands, feet and head: Inscribe these names [Divine names] [lacuna in manuscript]

 [sigils] and they will heal  [lacuna in manuscript]

Although the text is partially missing, Compare to text of Shorashei HaShemot where we find the same Names (albeit in a slightly different order) and the same sigils (again, in a slightly different order). Perhaps our scribe had copied this recipe from a Shorashei HaShemot copy with a variant text than the one extant? One major difference which would dismiss this possibility is that our manuscript refers to this spell as a טאצא which is Judeo-Arabic for invocation, where the Shorashei HaShemot text is clearly not an invocation. This is a translation of the Shorashei HaShemot: Their (Divine names) have the strength [to remove] sickness of hands, feet and heart. Take a new earthen pottery vessel and inscribe these names and seals and erase them in water. Then drink [the water] and anoint the pained location for three days and he will be healed.   

Note, M.V.: I am currently working on a study of the so-called Angelic Writing or Letters-With-Glasses (Brillencharakteren or Characteres au lunettes), as some of these may prove to have alphabetic equivalents. 


  1. Hello Mihai, I am really enjoying your blog.

    Regarding the lunette characteres, you might find interesting material in Kirsten Dzwiza's blog http://blog.charakteres.com/archives/category/charakteres

    Like us, she is also on Academia.edu; see http://uni-heidelberg.academia.edu/KirstenDzwiza

  2. thank you,I had no idea someone was as loony as me about this. A pleasure to have you of all people comment, your study of the seven seals was just up my alley!