Monday, 27 June 2016


I get frequent comments, emails and requests about this blog. Now, this is not by any means to be seen as an angry rant, nor an excuse, just a setting straight of things.

Many people ask about one manuscript or another, if I can post it, if I can write about it, if I can do the illustrations. The short answer is no.

Not because it s not important, but because of the following:

1. If I was able to, I would have done it already. I m not sitting atop a hoarde of ready-to-be published images and manuscripts, all written in full, but shy away from doing so. If I have something ready, believe me, I m the first to put it online.

2. I cannot do this work all the time, I am not a proffesionally employed graphic designer, nor a Latinist, nor a Lecturer on magic. My researches are done in my spare time. And of that, I have quite little. I tend to no less than 20 other blogs and pages, mostly unrelated to this content, when not binding books for a living.

3. I do this for free, but it costs me to do it. The books I need are quite expensive, and except for kind people like Russ Clayton and Jacob Swart who offered my books in exchange for nothing, I have to work to get access to the information I share here freely. Every book I have or manuscript scan I aquired I either bought with my own money, or traded work or services for it. Best thing to free is a manuscript found after hours of tiddeous online research, because these things don t just pop up on Google when you type in Magic Old Thingy. I am not asking for free books, I am asking people to understand that there is a financial dynamics behind my free work, and what seems free is actually quite expensive.

4. A code of honor I highy upholds prevents me from publically sharing a work, be it book or manuscript, I was given in confidence by a colleague. And I will not break, I m sorry. What things I am free to post, I post, the rest, please do not ask for.

And yes, please stop asking me of ways to summon demons or get girls to like you. You have Dr.Phil and Oprah for that.

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