Sunday, 28 May 2017

Seals of seven Ministers

One of the most fascinating treatises in the Leipzig magical Manuscript Collection is number 23, (Cod.Mag.23), that bears the title D. Johannis Fausti Haupt und Kunst Buch - Das ist aller Cabalisten und Weisen Fundamental Praxis zu Lehre in geheim seinen Diener Christoph Wagner hinterlassen (Doctor Johann Faust s High and Artful Book - Which is the Fundamental Practice and Learning of all the Cabalists and Wise men left in secret to his servant Christopher Wagner).

The title is obviously anachronistic, since it draws primarily from the Heptameron

The interesting feature  is that the work does seem based on the Heptameron and the Fourth Book, but expounds upon them, and offers information and seals on a few planetary spirits, of which seven are presented here with their seals. 

The surprising part is that these are part of the lesser spirits of the air, not the heads of each day, more precisely, the last minister listed for each of the Kings, with the exception of Modiat. 

Minister of the King of Sunday, Varcan.
Fol 27v in the manuscript.

Minister of the King of Monday, Arcan.

Minister of the King of Tuesday, Samax.

King of Wednesday

Minister of the King of Thursday, suth.

Minister of the King of Friday, Sarabotes.

Minister of the King of Saturday, Maymon.

I am in the process of transcribing and translating the manuscript.
Please do not copy the images for public use without my knowledge, unless the source is mentioned. Please do not use these for commercial purposes. Thank you. 

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