Sunday, 11 June 2017

PDF of the Necromantic Rings!

It`s very thrilling to have your work validated in some way by your readers. It`s even more thrilling if that happens from your fellow researchers or publishers. And it`s astounding when it`s Joseph Peterson. I grew up reading his amazing website and using his freely shared texts and I never though in my teens that I would even exchange a word with this man, let alone have my work hosted on his website.

Brings me great joy to say that you can now download an improved version of the Necromantic Rings of Solomon from the Esoteric Archives Website, following this link:

I hope to bring more texts to light and continue with this collaboration, to the benefit of others, following the footsteps of mister Peterson, along with my other publishing deals and project that I am working on with yet another enormous figure who-shall-not-be-named. Promise!

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