Saturday, 10 June 2017

Why I don`t always post as much?

Well the reasons are below. 
I have a lot of material and I could post different interesting things, BUT:

-if I post seals and diagrams, I want to render them to a high quality, and that takes time.

-If I post high quality seals, people will ask Why don`t you post some info on them, too?
-If I post info on them that I have gleaned from the source, which takes time, people will ask, If you did this, why not transcribe the source faithfully?
-If I transcribe the text, which takes time, people will say Myeah but I can`t read Latin, or French or Italian. Could you kinda translate that?
-If I translate the text, which takes time (and we skip the morons who ask me if I can translate into their language, like Spanish or Portuguese, because they don`t know English), people will say Myeah, but I don`t get this part: why is X like that and why is Y not the way it know Y should be? So I take the time to include notes in my translation to clarify any problems that might pop up, even if they are simple things that are within the realm of logic or they should be already known by a fellow interested in magical texts. 

-If I do that and post a text, transcribed and translated from a third language into a second language (my first language is Romanian) with high def graphics and academic citations and end-notes and cross-references, in my spare time from my regular job (operating a traditional manual book bindery by myself), I still get one or two assholes every two weeks asking me If I tried out the rituals, if I can teach him how to try out the rituals, Why I haven`t tried out the rituals, Why I did not give all the Information that HE needs to try out the rituals successfully, why am I being arrogant and don`t answer his questions, and my work is useless because it`s not workable for him. 

So this is, in a nutshell, why I do what I do, to the extent I do it and as rare as I post things here. 
Thank you to all the wonderful people that make this blog possible among which I can name off the top of my head Joseph Peterson, Stephen Skinner, Frank Klaassen, Dan Harms, Daniel Clark, James Banner, Gal Sofer, Jeremie Segouin, Andy Foster and QiRui Huo and a lot more than I can count, people who have contributed in one way or another to these studies as selflessly and as freely as I try to do for my readers.  

1 comment:

  1. Too much complains.
    You have forgotten that many like just to look at the figures, but prefer a very short summary.
    For example: the seal only, ready to print at computer, with the spirit name and a short sentence to speak, so the spirit appears instantly visible with all his glory ready for results 100% garantee.
    Uhm ... printing the seal on the computer still takes a lot of work and need paper.
    So, what about just a seal with the name of the spirit and the phrase very short, but that can be visualized at once at the smartphone, so just need a candle aside during the minutes that the ritual lasts?
    No circles needed for sure...
    It's so simple! Why do you make such mess? LOL...