Friday, 16 August 2019

Seals of Alcabitius 2

Haven t had any luck with finding other works on magic ascribed to Alcabitius, nor the time to transcribe the whole manuscript, but here are the cleaned up versions of the 10 seals.   Please do not make them your own and put them on magical trinkets to sell on ebay, or the curse of the flaccid penis will be  upon your head. That goes for the ladies as well.

(Figure 1)
Isti sunt duo principes
These are the two princes

(Figure 2)
Pars Sigilli Salomonis
Part of the Seal of Solomon

(Figure 3)
Tota pars de Annulo Sa
lomonis et 3ia pars de 
lapide. Isti sunt duos reges.
Also part of the Ring of Solomon 
and the third part of the stone.
These are the two kings.

(Figure 4)
Tres partes de
Annulo Salomo
Third part of the Ring of Solomon

(Figure 5)
Isti sunt duos Servitores
hoc est Lapis Salomonis, 
et secunda pars de lapide.
These are the two Servants
that is, The Stone of Solomon,
and the second part of the stone.

(Figure 6)
Tertia pars Sigilli Sa
lomonis contra pericula
The third part of the Seal
of Solomon against dangers*

(Figure 7)
In isto sigillo sunt XII Vi,
ncula Salomonis, per quod si,
gillum potest ligare spirites et
constringere omnes Demones
principes et Reges.
In this seal there are the 12 Bonds 
of Solomon, by which this seal can bind
and coerce all Demons
princes and Kings. 

(Figure 8)
Too complex, will edit later. 

(Figure 9)
hoc signum    valet ad 
vulnera et contra 
This sign is for wounds 
and against one s enemies. 

(Figure 10)
Haec est figura cum signis 
et characteribus 
Hermoginis septem planetarum.
This is the figure 
with the planetary signs 
and characters of Hermoginus.  

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