Saturday, 8 February 2020

72 Seals of the Shemhamephoresh (Ms.Or.Ф.210 No.37)

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Secondly, my warmest regards to this fine gentleman, hunter of rare gems and history, Daniel Clark by his true name, who supported my studies with new and new finds. You never cease to amaze me with your generosity, Daniel.

It is thanks to him that I found these beautifully drawn seals of the 72 angels, oldest ones to my recollection (I do believe they precede Blaise de Viginere`s). I am sure I have spotted them somewhere else, perhaps in black and white copies, but these struck me as unique and decided to publish the here. 

Russian State Library MS OR Ф.210 No. 37 - Le secret des secrets, autrement la clavicule de Salomon, ou le veritable grimoire contains the French Clavicles, in an elegant and legible writing (perhaps one of the Fyot scribes). 

Our seals are in the final appendix, beautifully drawn in colored inks. Alas, page 137-138 is missing completely, but the other pages are safe and sound:

Page 139: 

Page 140: 

Page 141: 

Page 142: 

Page 143: 

Page 144: 

Page 145: 

Page 146: 

Page 147: 

Page 148: 

 Oh and, if you could stop publishing these graphics in your books and making cheap talismans on etsy, without even mentioning the source, It'll  be great... 

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