Wednesday 7 August 2019

Faustian Seals in a Swedish conjuring manual

The wonderful and ever so knowledgeable Daniel Clark made me aware of a beautiful Swedish manuscript in the Faustian tradition, housed in the University of Lund and provided freely on their website, called:

Doct: Juliani Cypririani [sic] Practica eller Andars twång, hvarigenom han uti egna rön kallade och twång andarna at de uti all ting har måst efterkomma och utföra hans wilia, skrefven i hans biskopssäte i Carthago i Africa, sedan tryckt i octav i Passau 1410.

A part of the manuscript is structured precisely like an Agrippian book of summoning, namely with the conjuration and seal of the spirit on one side and a drawing of its purported appearance on the other. 

I ll reproduce now only the seals of the six princes mentioned. 







I must say, as a passing remark, the the Faustian tradition slowly drifts from traditional seals and characters with crosses and circlets, to more modern looking characters and signatures often written in lone continuous motion. Makes you think this would be the source of Franz Bardon s inspiration, perhaps. 

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