Sunday 9 July 2023

Latest updates

 Yes, I am not dead nor am I sucked into the void beyond by malicious Old Gods. 

My recent workload has been immense, the time alloted to the blog and my Youtube channel slim to none. 

I did post in a consistent manner on my Patreon, however, the 24 mysterious seals from a Jewish grimoire, upon which I will expand more in a future article.  An article in it can be found on the most exquisite page Books of Magic.

 This is a small glimpse:

This is the Tenth Seal from our series of 24 seals belonging to the Baal Shem tradition, enhanced and isolated from the manuscript by me and translated by my friend, Rabbi Michael Yosef Cohen.
It belongs to the Month of Tebeth.
Its sign is Capricorn.
Its angel, Shaniel שניאל

What else?

I am working on a two video-series detailing the seven planetary pentacles of Athanasius Kircher.

Also working on a special Patreon video detailing the making of the cinnabar ink with traditional recipes, used to write talismans, books of consecration or characters, from the ground up cinnabar to the ink itself.

Also working on doing 3 videos on 3 books which are bound by me in personal copies, one for me and one for the author, in full calf: John R. King s Faculty of Abrac (In the Picture above), Dan Harms Book of Four Occult Philosophers and Frater Ashen s Gateways Through Light and Shadow.

And my laptop is currently on it s last breath and will only be able to make more videos once I earn more and bind more books and do less videos you know, the classic vicious circle.

Please be patient. Love you guys.