Sunday, 14 October 2018

Support my free work

The Seal of Jupiter, for financial gains earned with fair work (wink wink).

Well, it finally came to that moment when I come to my readers for help in supporting my work.

Since I began this blog, I made it my duty to post as much original content as possible for free, to be widely available and accessible to anyone. 

Be they grimoires on hard-to-find library websites, or articles, or enhanced seals and diagrams, or image comparisons from different sources, I have made every effort to provide them for free. 

I have made no profit from this, and wish to make no profit for myself. 

The most important research tool remains the internet and scanned manuscripts. The second is books. Physical books, that cost physical money, written by dedicated scholars whose work must be valued. 

Since my time working on these articles and researches is taken from my own work as a bookbinder, the money needed for books comes from a field I must ignore in order to make free studies. Anyone can see that it's just horrible math. 

I am frequently asked why I don't use this or that book or this or that edition in my research. Frankly, I do not have it. I would have to spend hundreds of dollars monthly to buy books needed to produce free material. 

If you wish to share with me the financial burden, your help is very much welcomed. However small, all donations will be added up and used for buying books or access to academic journal subscriptions. 

If you do not wish to contribute or cannot, you may still enjoy my work for free as you had until now, but you could help by sharing my posts, provided the people in your list are interested in the subject. 

I will not charge anyone access to my work and will continue my work as I have done thus far, but I considered someone's advice of making a Patreon account for these expenses, and this I did. 

A list of patrons can be found here.
Thank you. 

PS: book donations are just as welcomed as financial aid. If you consider it simpler to order a certain book I need that is within your budget, to make sure I don t spend your donations of pizza, beer and hookers, you are equally welcomed to do so. 

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