Thursday, 3 December 2020

Seals of the Archangels in the Vadian Manuscript

 The Vadian Manuscript (VSG) contains one instance of De Abano's Elucidarium Nigromantiae, that means it contains the seals of the archangels popularised by the Heptameron. 

The seals are presented on pages 2 and 3, in weekely order, from Raphael (Sunday) to Cafriel (Saturday).  They have been recorded in a chart by Joseph Peterson, with one minor exception: there is an overlooked seal of Raphael (noted VSG.1.II). On page 16.3, the exemple circle of conjurations contains his seal, but differs slightly from the one presented in the text, hinting to at least two sources employed in the manuscript's redaction. 

Most of the seals bare great resemblance to the Ghent Manuscript variant Seals, showing either direct influence or very close source used. 

The Seal of Raphael (VSG.1.1)

Crude match to GM1 in the terminal portion. 

The Seal of Raphael (VSG.1.2)

Crude match to GM2 overall. 

The Seal of Gabriel (VSG.1)

Close match to GM4 and the Munich Manual.

The Seal of Samael (VSG.3)

Matches superficially all known versions.

The Seal of Michael (VSG.4)

A most unusal version, matches GM7 the most.

The Seal of Satquiel (VSG.5)

Matches to GM9 the most. 

The Seal of Anael (VSG.6)

Novel version with dashed circle, matches the Halle version the most, as Peterson's chart shows (to be published).

The Seal of Cafriel (VSG.7)

Matches GM11 mostly, with features of the last characters shared with the Munich Manual.

Conclusion: Great resemblance to the Second version of the Ghent Manuscript, the Munich manual, Halle Manuscript (to be published) and through these, some versions of the Sepher Urim in the Sepher Mafteach Shelomoh. 

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