Wednesday, 2 December 2020

The Vadian Clavicula: Overview

 One of the finds of the year comes from Joseph Peterson, whose kind permission was grated to post this. 

Grand Lamen, p. 115

The manuscript he found contains good portions of the Elucidarium Nigromantiae of Petrus de Abano, one of the missing links in the European ritual magic texts, some portions of the Clavicula Salomonis, as far as I can tell, and other interesting experiments extracted from the Iberic tradition. 

Officially known as  Vad. Slg. ms. 334 in  this beautifully penned manuscript can also be seen and downloaded from his website as a PDF

 It s date roughly to 1533-1566. 

Except the graphics presented in this article, I will will make two separate posts, one with all the seals contained therein, and one with the seven angelic seals and a comparison of its versions. 



 Elenchus, eorum quae continentur in sequenti Lucidario Domini et preclarissimi Magistri Petri de Abbano.

P. 3: 

In nomine Dei omnipotentis. Incipit Lucidarium Magistri Petri de Abbano in arte Magica. Prologus in eodem Libello. Multi experimentatores diuersimode operantur in hac scientia Diuina, etc.

p. 19: 

Semiphoras Moysi. Incipit: Hic habes Semiphoras Moysi, que dici debent post inuocationem angelorum versus quatuor partes mundi.

P. 25: 

Incipit Liber Clauicule Salomonis, filii Dauid Regis Israel etc. The Hebrew lettering is exceptionally well executed. (2 books to p. 125).

Pp. 127-144: 

Ad inveniendum Ugxeazcu [=thesaurum] vel maao [=bona] abscondita.

On last page: 

Sequuntur varia experimenta Regis Alphonsi.

Planetary characters from two sources. P.143

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  1. The top image, the "Grand Lamen", contains the names of the ten sefirot in blue ink. Just wanted to point out the scribe misspelled Keter. The scribe wrote כהר instead of כתר.