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Book of Pentacles: Krakow 2850 Rkps

The following manuscript was uncovered and brought to a group`s attention by Ora Clavis, he should take the credit for finding it, because if it were to judge from my ability to find things in Polish libraries, we would be entirely without. 

Physical source: Biblioteka Książąt Czartoryskich – Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie. 

Digital Source:,NzcwNzk1OTc/0/#info:metadata

Luckily for us, the images are in high resolution, the text is a bit flourished and hurried but readable nonetheless, and the figures them selves are quite clear. 

I don`t know if there are translations of similar scrolls out there, but as far as I know this would be the first English translation of one. I did not translate the text, only the legendas of each seal, that would have made the process even more lengthy, and it would not have aided us much in the study of the pentacles themselves. 

This treatise contains text in French, German and Italian according to the website, the main language of the descriptions being French. 

I have kept the first image unedited for several reasons: the surface is badly damaged, with missing inked portions, the ink is partially smudged from some place else on the surrounding space of the cross and of course, the red ink is too faded to be properly isolated from the background with ease, and since I don`t do this for a living, the simple hours of work needed to to achieve a satisfactory result with absolutely no reward would be indeed wasted. 

Wherever the text is silent about the use of the pentacles, there will be only the order number recorded. 

Although they travel quite well across 18th and 19th century manuscripts, the first seal is obviously different in shape to make us wonder if it belong with the other circular pentacles, as well as the other simpler pentacles from the end. 

Seals 1 through 42 are drawn on the face of the parchment, while the others are placed on the back, after the text. Wherever the pentacles overlap their circumferences, I`ve taken the liberty to isolate them and render them whole, for the sake of an aesthetical presentation. 


2. Contre le Tonnere et Eclaire
Against thunder and lightning

3. Contre le feu et L`eau
Against fire and water

4. Contre Infidelite et fausseté
Against infidelity and falsehood

5. Contre mort Injuste
Against unjust death

6. Contre heine et Envie
Against malice and envie

7. Contre Le Poison
Against poison

8. Contre la mort Subite  
Against sudden death

9. Contre l`inimitie
Against enmity 

10. pour n`etre vaincu En querelle ni par Justice
For not being defeated in a fight nor in Justice

11. Contre les Mablins Esprits
Against evil spirits.

12. Sceau de Salomon contre les Malins Esprits ou Diable
The Seal of Solomon against the evil spirits and the Devil

13. Pour etre aime de ses ennemis 
For being loved by one`s enemies
14. Contre Les Ennemis
Against enemies.

15. Contre Sortilege
Against witchcraft

16. Pour les Sciences (et) pour les apprendre
For sciences and for learning them

17. Contre les maladie et Mal Caduc
Against ilness and epilepsy

18. Heritage

19. Zeichen zum Schatrgraben. 
(Germ: Seal for treasurehunting)

20. Honneur et Richesses
Honor and riches

21. Oeuvre visib: et invisib:
Visible and unvisible worksings

22. Cas Fortuit
Fortuitous undertaking.

23. amitie des grands
The friendship of the great

24. invulnerable

25. Esprit seauant pour les choses futurel
Knowing spirit of things to come

26. Pour Chasser le desespoir en toutte adversite
To chase away dispair and all adversity

27. pour l`aquerir de la vertu et adress
For gaining virtue and address (?)

28. Heureux succes en toutte chose
Joyful success in all things

29. Contre le pauvrete et tristesse
Against poverty and sadness

30. Pour Chasser la timidite
To chase away shyness

31. Contre tout Coup
Against all blows

32. Contre morsure des animaux (et) Serpents.
Against the bite of all animals and snakes


















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  1. . These pentacles seem similar to those on the canterbury amulet ( canterbury cathedral Library, additional MS23) which I seem to keep coming back to LOL. Thank you very much for your continuing good works :)- every little thing you do is magic♪♪♪