Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Short Book: The Magical Grimoire of Pope Honorius


In the last month I ve been posting weekly, a lot of hard work and stress, and I ve just realised my Patreons don t get the credit they deserve. 

This work will be released on the 1st of May for my friends on Patreon, with my special thanks and acknowledgement.

What is it? Oh nothing, just the source manuscript of the Grimoire of Honorius, with different demons and an appended copy of the Twelve Rings Treatise, from the late 18th century...

The last time I released something for my Patreons, a lot of people subscribed, asked for their copy, and then cancelled. Well.. if someone will subscribe before May 1st, they will have to politely wait while their first month runs out. I d like to be fair with all people. 

I will be releasing it for everybody free of charge next year on EsotericArchives, as I do with all of my books.

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  1. there's no point to your No More Stealing prompt, we can just steal through PRTSC

    1. Hi DeadZet, and thank you for the comment. My files are big enough to be used for graphical reproduction, but with printscreen, the quality is far lower, and it makes the job of you stealing a bit harder. Since you said ”we”, i supposed you re one of the folks that milks my blog for their own interest, so first thing i can say is that printscreens from my blog might be protected by Besalath, a tiny elemental that causes erectile disfunction. Second thing I can say is go fuck yourself with any of your dead ancestor s cocks. with maggots of course :D Have a great day buddy. Just joking, of course.